Frequently asked questions

  • The warranty is active as soon as you purchase your product and does not require any specific steps to activate it. Carefully preserve your receipt or invoice. Throughout the warranty period, you can, if the unit breaks down or stops working, go to your dealer for a standard exchange. You must present your proof of purchase or your receipt to the after sales service of your store to benefit from the warranty.

    If your unit breaks down or stops working at any time during the manufacturer's warranty period (and not just during the first year), the point of sales where you bought it will exchange it at no cost for an identical or a similar BaByliss product, depending on stock availability, on presentation of the damaged unit and the receipt or proof of purchase. No administrative fees will be charged.

    The warranty period begins on the date you purchased the unit from your retailer as indicated on the proof of purchase. The duration of the warranty is indicated on your warranty card (2, 3 or 5 years).

    Your appliance does not have to be sent to the after-sales service for repair, there are no spare parts for BaByliss products. You should, therefore, return to the shop for an exchange.

    The website has answers to the most frequently asked questions. Nonetheless, you can also contact our customer service by calling 0810 00 00 56 (cost of a local call) from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays or by sending an email to

    You may order accessories by calling BaByliss customer services directly on 0810 00 00 56 (cost of a local call) from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays. Please have your product reference code at hand to facilitate answering your question.

    You'll find the product reference code on the unit itself. It appears as Type---- Ref---- (we require the 'ref').

    If your appliance breaks down or fails to function properly, return it to your vendor's after-sales service. If you have difficulty or problems doing so, our consultants are available 9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays on 0810 00 00 56 (cost of a local call). Please provide your invoice or proof of purchase and have your product reference code to hand.

    In everyone's interest and to participate actively in the collective effort to protect the environment, do not discard your product with the household waste. Use return and collection systems made available by your vendors or contact the waste collection centre in your area that has a special skip for electrical appliances. Some materials may in this way be recycled or reused. You could also visit the website on which you'll find all the information regarding recycling your product.

    The promotional offers are identified on the product packaging at the point of sales.

    BaByliss does not offer any promotional items, free products or trial objects. Requests are numerous and we cannot meet all of them. We thank you for your understanding.

    It is important only to use our products with the indicated voltage. Some of our appliances, like the 5250E or 5251E hair dryers, the 667E air brush, the ST17E men's straighteners are all bi-voltage. They can therefore be used in certain foreign countries. Please check that the local supply voltage is compatible with the appliance.

  • We recommend using the diffuser for permed, dry or damaged hair and selecting speed 'I'.

    Your appliance will trip out when it cannot vent properly. The rear filter should be cleaned regularly using a soft, dry brush. To do so, please consult the instruction manual for your appliance.

    Our products have a cool shot setting or a cool shot button. The 'cool shot button' must be held in position while the 'cool shot position' remains active when engaged.

    For styling and in particular for blow drying, it is not necessary to have a very powerful appliance. Our range of hair dryers offers a wide range of powers and adapts to every type of hair and every use.

  • You will hear a very slight sizzling sound from the unit; this is a normal sound for ion generators.

    Select the desired temperature using the temperature selector. It is generally recommended that you use a lower temperature for fine, bleached and/or damaged hair, and a higher temperature for frizzy, thick and/or difficult to style hair. Every hair type being different, we recommend that you start with position 1 (green LED). You can gradually increase the setting over the following uses if necessary.

    There is a possibility that there will be some steam. This may be from the evaporation of the sebum or residue from hair products (after-rinse care, hairspray, etc.) or dampness in the hair.

    Use distilled water to fill the reservoir. Otherwise, carefully descale the unit periodically. To do so, read the instruction manual for your appliance.

    Our Wet and Dry range can be used on damp hair. Use the dampness in the hair to intensify the straightening and achieve softer, silkier and longer-lasting results.

    Clean the plates using a soft, damp cloth without detergent to preserve the optimal quality of the plates. Do not scratch the plates.

  • The Flash depilator determines your epidermal pigmentation using a specific sensor. If your phototype is not compatible with a flash epilation, the unit will let you know. Do not use the HPL on naturally dark skin. Avoid exposing your skin to sunlight for 4 weeks before using the HPL depilator and wait at least 2 weeks after using the depilator before exposing your skin to sunlight again! Exposure to the sun combined with the use of the HPL may cause serious burns or severe damage!

    A possible depilation schedule over a full growth cycle may look like this: the 3 or 4 first sessions with the HPL depilator should be 2 weeks apart; sessions 5 to 7 should be 4 weeks apart; then, you may use the HPL depilator occasionally depending on your needs until you have permanently removed the hair.

    The HPL unit cannot effectively remove white, grey or blond hair. If you hair is one of these colours, the HPL unit might not be right for you.

    Treating the same zone more than once in two weeks does not produce better results and can have undesirable effects.

    The flash bulb has a capacity of 750 pulses. The unit has an indicator light that lets you know when you need to change the bulb. When it has reached 90% of its life, the light on the control panel will begin to flash. When it has reached 100% of its life, it will shine steadily. There will therefore be no pulse. You will need to replace the flash bulb.

    You many dispose of the bulb in your ordinary household waste.

    As with any other laser or photoepilation hair removal method, the results are not immediate. You may even have the impression that nothing is happening. The hair will sometimes appear to continue to grow after the session, but after two weeks, most of this hair will simply fall out. Moreover, there are three different stages of hair growth and only hair in the active growth phase are affected by the HPL depilator. Therefore, several sessions will be necessary for the expected result.

    Although designed especially for women, the HPL depilator can be used by men. However, men's hair, particularly chest hair, will need several more sessions to achieve the desired results.

    Over the last 15 years, the use of the laser and the pulsed light in aesthetic medicine has been well documented in professional journals and by respected institutions. These journals and institutions have not reported side effects or injuries related to long-term use of laser or pulsed light appliances.

    The BaByliss HPL depilator may be used to remove facial hair from the cheeks down. You should take care to avoid the area around your eyes when using the appliance on the face. Never use the BaByliss HPL near or around the eyes. Avoid exposure to the sun before and after treatments with the BaByliss HPL depilator regardless of the area on the body that has been treated. You should use appropriate protection, like clothing or sun screen (with a protection factor greater than 50), which should be used regularly for 3 weeks before and after treatment.

  • Yes. The self-lubricating system of your clippers uses a piece of light felt moistened with oil and located in the little blade. This system allows for automatic lubricating of the blades when the product is turned on. Nevertheless, you should regularly add oil to the reservoir under the blade (before or after every use) to ensure the piece of felt is impregnated at all times. The lubricating optimises the cut and maintains the life of your blade assembly.

    Before you use your clippers for the first time, we recommend charging the battery for 12 to 16 hours then to let the battery run down completely. This will allow the battery to recharge to its full capacity. Never recharge the unit for longer than 24 hours.

    After a long period of non-use, we recommend recharging the battery for 12 to 16 hours then to let it run down completely. This will allow the battery to recharge to its full capacity. Never recharge the unit for longer than 24 hours.

    Depending on the model, a full charge will run the unit for 30 to 45 minutes.

    We recommend charging your clippers for about 12 hours. Nonetheless, before using the unit for the first time or after long periods of non-use, we recommend boosting the battery, that is, 2 to 3 times in a row charging the battery 12 to 16 hours, then to let it run down completely until it comes to a full stop.

    Yes, certain models need absolutely to be charged for 12 hours before use.

    No, our clippers are equipped with long-life batteries which do not need to be replaced. BaByliss subscribes to SCRELEC whose website can be consulted at In an effort to protect the environment, these batteries should be removed and properly discarded when the appliance no longer functions.

  • Check that your scales are properly placed on a hard and stable surface so that the four feet of the scales are resting on a level surface. In effect, the sensors in each of the feet are very sensitive and the weight distribution should be even. Avoid placing on rugs or thick carpeting. Please weigh yourself in bare feet and always at the same time of day.

    Using impedance measurement scales is not recommended for persons who have electronic implants (pacemaker, etc.). The impedance measurement scales send a current through the body and the current always takes the shortest path, that is, from one foot to the other through the stomach. There will be no contact with a cochlear implant located in the ear. Nonetheless, every patient is different, and we recommend therefore seeking medical advice before using this appliance.

  • We advise against adding essential oils or other products (foams, etc.) that may clog the tubes and pipes of your appliance.

  • Electrolytic depilation is a lasting method that destroys hair at the root. It does not pull the hair out. This technique comprises sending a barely perceptible current to the base of the hair follicle. A chemical reaction neutralises the dermal papilla that nourishes the hair and the hair's regrowth is dramatically slowed. This technique therefore not only deals with the visible hair, it slowly destroys the root for lasting depilation.

    Electrolytic depilation does not pull the hair out, it acts on the root. After a 12-hour interval, the treated hair may be pulled using a classic hair removal method (waxing or electrolysis, etc.)

    We recommend not using this unit without medical advice under the following circumstances: electronic (pacemaker, etc.) or metal implants (including an intrauterine device); cardiac problems, pregnancy, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes; use on sensitive areas should be limited.

    Results will be noticeable after several weeks, depending on the individual. 73% of users are satisfied after 9 weeks of use (at 2 treatments per week), 45% of users notice less hair after 9 weeks, 70% after 18 weeks.

    We recommend waiting about 12 hours after an electroliss session before traditional hair removal (waxing, electrolysis, etc.)

    Make sure your unit is fully recharged before each use. A full charge takes about 12 hours.

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